Your Year Card

A Year Card (sometimes called your Birthday Tarot Card) is one from the Major Arcana, calculated through basic numerology, that is said to represent your year. As with all Card Readings, whether the message is seen as destiny, something to aim for, or do work to avoid, is up to the individual. The cards pose questions and possibilities; advice for you to accept or reject. Likewise, some people suggest it applies for the 12 months that begin on that date while others apply it to the calendar year in which the birthday occurs.

The calculation is simple- add up the individual digits of the date in question- your day of birth, or the annual celebration thereof, and reduce it to a number less than 23. The result is the number of a Major Arcana card; with a 22 generally being read as Major #0- The Fool. I will use myself as an example. I was born on July 25, 1958. Adding 0+7+2+5+1+9+5+8=37. 3+7=10. So my Day of Birth Tarot Card is Major Arcana card #10- The Wheel of Fortune. And boy do I feel that.

For this year’s card the math is 0+7+2+5+2+0+2+2=20. Here we have a choice; some people stick with the first result less than 23. Major #20 is Judgement. Some prefer to continue to reduce it to the lowest result. 20 reduces as 2+0=2 and Major #2 is The High Priestess. Of course one can decide to use all these cards, or pick whichever feels right.

There are various websites that offer methods of pulling two cards- adding the Month & Day for one number, and the Year for the second. Another site calculates three cards- set your intention and grab a calculator.

My Card of the Year for 2023 will be #21, XXI The World. Shown here are that card from 5 decks:
(top left) the Tarot of Sister Who;
(top right) This Might Hurt Tarot;
(bottom right) The Somnia Tarot;
(bottom left) the Black Queer Tarot;
(centre) Deviant Moon Tarot.

Again, I have the option to reduce that from #21 to 2+1, or #3.

** If anyone says you must do any aspect of the Mystical Arts only their way, run. Fundamentalism is the antithesis of the heart and soul of spiritual growth.