Your Print On Demand Deck

I am always on the look out for interesting Tarot and non-Tarot Oracle decks. Whether for use at Guncle Tarot, personal readings, or for GunclePost mailings. I have a personal desire to support independent artists, with extra affinity for openly-queer ones. While I have, very occasionally, supported crowd-funding campaigns they are increasingly expensive.

I am on a very tight budget- mostly due to chronic conditions that limit earning potential. Also, those campaigns are aimed to maximize sales (understood, as we are all working to survive late-stage capitalism) with excessive decorative touches and ‘add-ons’ that I do not care about.

My focus is first and foremost on the art.

Finally, running a ‘successful’ campaign seems to require a years-long commitment that reduces, if not eliminates, artists’ abilities to be creative outside that project. That is disconcerting.

So, if you are an openly queer deck creator that is using Print On Demand to offer your deck, I am interested.

Over the next few months I’ll be deciding on which decks (12 each Tarot and non-Tarot) will be the basis of my GunclePost 2024 offering. The 2023 offering is bi-monthly; moving to monthly for next year. I am most comfortable buying from theGamecrafter (TGC), and have used Make Playing Cards (MPC) only occasionally. While I’m not eager to buy at some other POD site, I would consider doing so.

logos of 6 decksShown here are the 6 decks, all from theGamecrafter that I’m using for the second half of 2023. Decks are chosen in pairs; how they connect within my convoluted brain is only occasionally the art style. But it could be. The video below is a quick look at all the GunclePost decks to date.

Each mailing includes a brief description of the deck with a direct link to the sales page on TGC or MPC. And I do promote my offering with various images of decks on social media. My boutique offering is not something that leads to huge sales numbers; very intentionally on my part.

So I’m not expecting (but certainly not adverse to) a discount code. If you have an Oracle deck that you’ve published through TGC or MPC and want me to consider it, please reach out to me on social media, or email via briangryphon at yahoo dot com,
Thank you