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Your Print On Demand Deck


I am always on the look out for interesting Tarot and non-Tarot Oracle decks. Whether for use at Guncle Tarot, personal readings, or for GunclePost mailings. I have a personal desire to support independent artists, with extra affinity for openly-queer ones. While I have, very [read more]

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Sister Flirt’s Meditation Cards


An introduction to the Oracle Deck designed by Sister Flirt, available Printed on Demand from The All The GameCrafter Cards are printed on 12 point (320gsm) black-core matte card stock; UV coated to protect from dirt, scratches, and moisture. Two of these decks are [read more]

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Various Digital Gryphon Decks


An introduction to various Tarot (and other Oracle) Decks from The Digital Gryphon available Printed on Demand from The This post will cover three decks that feature content by other folks. Two versions of the The Tarot of Sister Who that I am shepherding [read more]

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Your Year Card


A Year Card (sometimes called your Birthday Tarot Card) is one from the Major Arcana, calculated through basic numerology, that is said to represent your year. As with all Card Readings, whether the message is seen as destiny, something to aim for, or do work [read more]

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Somnia Tarot


Somnia Tarot by Nicolas Bruno Deck Review Summary: I love it. And I can see why some folks won’t. The artwork is intense. Exactly why I decided to order. Although clearly within the RWS realm, there are differences. Which is exactly why I like having [read more]

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Only 10 Decks


12/26/2021: One of my plans for 2022 is to wrestle the demon of video into submission; still hate the sound of my voice, not thrilled to watch myself, and find editing video to be a bear, but refuse to lose. So check out Guncle Tarot [read more]

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An Introduction to TSW


The Tarot Of Sister Who: “for personal reflection and contemplative meditation” Sister Who describes their deck: “The deck uses the four minor suits of Candles, Chalices, Thuribles, and Paraments. The suit of Candles draws upon symbolisms of fire, of spirit, of wands, and of summer. [read more]

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3 “Face Decks” by Deborah Koff-Chapin


A collection of 3 decks by Deborah Koff-Chapin; most cards feature a human subject; either full-body or close-up. These decks are less Oracle or Divination decks than prompts for personal discovery. Each of the two Soul Cards decks include 60 unique cards, while the Portals [read more]