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Skyclad Tarot

02/09/2021 0

I bought 3 decks from The Gamecrafter in November. I promised to do reviews after we’d settled in from the sudden move. This is 1 of the decks which I really, really like. The headline […]

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My Tarot Rainbow

02/09/2021 1

My first camera was a gift while I was in high school. I’ve been taking pictures (first on film, now digital) for over 40 years and have been online since the days of CompuServe and […]

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How Far Is Too Far?

02/08/2021 0

Tarot Cards are one sub-set of ‘Oracle Decks‘- which encompasses Tarot, Le Normand and Kipper decks. Modern Bridge or Poker decks are Oracle decks if used for divination- it’s the intention rather than the product […]