Monthly Oracle Card Subscription

Each month’s mailing introduces a different non-Tarot Oracle deck.

Your envelope will include:
@ an introduction to the deck and it’s creator(s);
@ a collective spread designed for that month’s deck;
@ a physical card from that deck;
@ my reading for your card.

The initial offering is limited to a total of 30 subscriptions; this may be expanded in the future, depending on the selected Oracle decks’ card counts.

The subscription rate is US$9.00 per month- you may sign up for 1,2 or 3 months at a time.

* This rate is for delivery via 1st Class to US or Canadian postal addresses;
* Delivery to non-US or Canada addresses is not available;
* Tracked delivery is not available;
* Each month’s Oracle deck may be acquired directly from the creator, or through Etsy, The Gamecrafter or a traditional publisher.

See more details on deck selection below.


What Decks Will Be Used?

To introduce folks to the wide variety of non-system Oracle decks available, I won’t be using Le Normand, Kipper or Tarot decks. My approach to deck selection is that artistic presentation is no more or less important than its intended use. Chosen decks will be designed for divination, meditation, shadow work or some other purpose beyond being a great collection of artworks.

Each month’s deck will feature a different theme or topic than the previous one. I may use decks that feature gods or goddesses from a variety of faith traditions. Not likely to use any decks tied to Angels or other explicitly Christian themes; I could not do them justice. Of course animals, wild or domestic, are popular. Undoubtedly there will be a deck or two that draws upon the traditions and teachings of various First Nations cultures; after careful research as to the background and expertise of each deck’s creator(s).

Although I won’t shy away from using decks from ‘mystical arts’ or other publishers, my goal is to use them no more than once a quarter in favour of supporting self-published creatives (subject to availability and shipping crises). has a wonderful variety of decks. They have just re-opened after Covid-19 closure, so there will be a delay before those decks will be available.