Next month I’ll be drawing cards and writing out readings for the 3rd GunclePost mailing of 2023, which goes out around May 1st. After that’s done I will be ordering decks for the 2nd half of the year; 3 more mailings, each with a Tarot and a non-Tarot Oracle Deck that “connect at least in my quirky, queer, mind“.

All decks for this year’s GunclePost were, or will be, ones created by independent creators and available from a Print On Demand (POD) supplier. My main source is (TGC). I will also consider decks available through (MPC) although their current retail pricing runs noticeably higher than TGC.

Below are links to 4 Oracle decks from that I’m considering. If you have a Tarot deck you feel fits one of them (or perhaps a different non-Tarot deck) that’s available through either of those POD sites, and would like me to consider them for GunclePost please reach out to me through one of my social media accounts, or contact(at)digitalgryphon[dot]com.

The final selection of decks must be made before May 10th to allow production and delivery time.

Thank you.