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I’ve used Tarot Cards for self-reflection and offered readings to family, friends and neighbours for almost 40 years. My intuitive readings are infused with my experience as a long-time openly queer, creative, spiritual, kinky person. This is my frame of reference; in fact I have been casually referring to my services as Guncle tarot readings.

I used to swing between having writer’s (or photographer’s) block and not being able to decide which of my many ‘half-baked’ ideas to look at next.


That blend of panic and self-pity felt as comfortable as it was frustrating.


I needed a tool to move ‘out of my left brain’ – and the cards help me focus on moving forward.


Creative folk know, perhaps better than most, that visual messages tap into our primal mental functions. Pictures being worth a thousand words, as they say.


eMail Readings:

Some readers prefer to have their client in the room, or on Skype, for the card reading. I prefer doing email readings because I don’t want to be influenced by your body language or reactions to what I say. Visit How I Do Readings for more.


How It Works:

Various ‘occult traditions’ speak of vibrations; quantum physics is just starting to grasp the truths behind the concept. Perhaps the cards help us tap into Carl Jung’s ‘collective unconscious‘ collection of archetypes. Some describe it as “intuition” while others say “synchronicity“. See How It Works for more information.


My Experience:

I have always been a Creative; mostly involved in photography, poetry and graphic design. My Creative work will ALWAYS be rooted in my 60 years of living queer, and my 35+ years as a Fully Professed Sister of the Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence. More information on my spiritual background and experience is on my Biography page.

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