Photograph © 2004 Brian D Gryphon – Toronto ON Pride Parade

Of course, any reading done for a queer-identified person is queer. These spreads have been designed specifically with genderqueer, non-heteronormative, gender-expansive folx in mind. The first four spreads below are based on the insightful of work of Evvie Marin of Interrobang Tarot.

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GCR901 Queer Like F.U. Reading (drawing 5 cards) [B];
Queer (adj) 1. differing from the normal or usual in a way regarded as odd or strange” (Collins English Dictionary – ©2009 William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.)
Whether you like ‘the Q word’ or prefer some other identity, we are different. How much, in what way(s), and how happily we embrace that also varies. Understanding our roles as sh!t disturbers, instigators, sacred clowns and/or artists can help ground us as we resist blind assimilation.

GCR902 You Are Queer Enough Reading (drawing 5 cards) [B];
When Evvie published their special collection of queer spreads this caught my eye. As someone who’s often seen as a white cisgender gay male (sometimes, even as a straight white male), my claim to ‘queerness’ is too often called into question. This spread looks at the ways in which your unique queerness is more wonderful than any gatekeeper or bully appreciates.

GCR903 Your Queer Voice (Volume) Reading (drawing 7 cards) [B];
Despite stereotypes, most folx are not always either flamboyant “screaming queens” or a quiet people-pleasing “well-behaved child“. We can, and should, modulate our voice, our presence, as a situation seems to call for. This spread looks at what you keep quiet, when you should speak out, and when to let loose and dance.

GCR904 Rainbow Umbrella/ Gender Spectrum Reading (drawing 11 cards) [C];
This spread starts with Gilbert Baker’s original 8 stripe Pride Flag colours and meanings, and adds cards for our Ace, POC, and Gender Queer/Trans communities. Those 3 cards may be a message for you, if that’s how you identity, or something to consider as you support those members of your community.

GCR433 Household Reading (drawing 13 cards) [D];
A 13 card reading based on “Power Tarot” (MacGregor & Vega) that uses the various rooms of a house to look at your household. This has been re-designed specifically for expanded non-traditional households.

GCR444 Bright Elder Spread (drawing 6 cards [B];
Steven Bright crafted this spread (he calls it the Then & Now Spread) to look at the pros of getting older, rather than focusing on just the cons. This works well with any R/W/S tarot deck; I’ve not yet done many readings using other oracle decks.