Your First Guncle Tarot Reading

Whether you’ve had readings from someone else or are new to having a Card Reading, your 1st Guncle Tarot reading should ease you into working with me. I strongly recommend starting with a 3 or 6 card reading; one of the pre-designed spreads listed here, or customized to your question or concern.

Farther down the page is info on Using PayPal To Order. All readings include a .pdf file sent via email. This will list the question, the spread (card layout), the cards drawn, and my interpretation of the reading. A photograph of the spread will be included.

Pre-Designed Spreads

While I’m totally comfortable designing a spread (or two) specifically for your question, there are a number of existing spreads that might fit- or help you put your Question into words. Each section below has a link to a page with more detailed spread descriptions.
# Queerly-Focused Spreads;
# Double Deck Spreads;
# Creative Projects Spreads;
# Popular General Spreads.

1. QFS Queerly-Focused Spreads

Of course, any reading done for a queer-identified person is queer. These spreads have been designed/refined specifically with genderqueer, non-heteronormative, gender-expansive folx (and their experiences) in mind.

2. DDS Double Deck Spreads

I designed this series of spreads to bring non-Tarot decks into my work. Oracle decks tend to have fewer cards, often tied to a specific theme or subject. They can add emphasis or detail to a Tarot reading. See this page for more information and current deck combinations.

3. CPS Creative Projects Spreads

Are you are trying to decide which idea to pursue next, or have a concern about a current WIP (work in progress)? There’s a spread for that. Gathered from a variety of sources, these 8 spreads are designed or adapted to provide insight on your creative projects.

4. Popular Pre-Designed Spreads

I love doing custom spreads to suit your question(s) if you’d like, but here are a number of existing, well-known spreads. Browsing these might also inspire you, or help form your question. 

Ordering Via PayPal

For any of the pre-designed spreads, or for a totally custom design, please use the appropriate Custom #-# Card Reading option below.

Along with your payment, I need the following bits of information:
(1) Your question and/or pre-designed spread name/number;

(2) Additional Information at Check-Out:
# The name you use;
# Email address to send your reading.

Custom Report
Question or Spread

More Information

List of pre-designed spreads
List of Spreads

@ Click on small image here to see a complete list of current Pre-Designed Spreads available;
@ See also How I Do Readings;
@ Visit My Decks to see images of the various decks I use;
@ Also read the Terms of Service that apply to all Card Readings;
@ If you have any questions please contact me via briangryphon (@) att (.) net.