3 card layout with 2 crystal towersMy reading ritual is minimalist; lighting a stick of incense and a candle as I set a positive Intention for the reading. I then recite your name and Question (or Spread title) a few times. Before the cards are shuffled I’ve picked a ‘spread‘ (card layout) and assign what each position represents for your query. Most spreads use a basic geometric pattern; more advanced spreads available include the 9 Card Grand Cross Spread, the traditional Celtic Cross spread, and an astrological or calendar year 12 card spread.

Once the cards are laid out I record them on paper along with initial reactions and obvious connections to the question. As the spread’s story presents itself I make note of which suit(s) have the most cards and any other significant correlations. Then I prepare the final reading notes which will be sent to you as a .pdf file. To illustrate this, while protecting client confidentiality, I have attached a screen capture of two actual readings (with details concealed). Click on each thumbnail to see the larger image.

link to an example reading link to an example reading

Your First Guncle Tarot Reading

Whether you’ve had readings from someone else or are new to having a Card Reading, your 1st Guncle Tarot reading should ease you into working with me. I strongly recommend starting with a no more than a 6 card reading; one of the pre-designed spreads listed here, or customized to your question or concern.

Free-form intuitive sessions work best once we’ve had at least one successful spread-based reading.

Book Your Reading

# Place your order using the PayPal link on the Catalogue page.

What Information I Need
Along with your payment, I need the following bits of information:
# The name you use;
# Email address to send your reading;
# Your question and/or pre-designed spread;
# Which Tarot deck you’d like me to use**

**The DDS Double Deck Spreads (as well as non-Tarot spreads and most Special Offers) have preassigned decks. For all other Tarot readings, I will use a deck that calls to me, unless you ask for one of My Current Decks.

@@ If you are getting a Rainbow Umbrella/ Gender Spectrum Reading, please let me know if you identify with one (or more) of the last 3 card positions for that spread. Please remember that I’ve been openly gay/queer for over 40 years and respect the deeply personal nature of this information. Should you decide not to disclose, I will read all 3 cards as “how you might support those communities.