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An Introduction to TSW

05/26/2021 0

The Tarot Of Sister Who: “for personal reflection and contemplative meditation” Sister Who describes their deck: “The deck uses the four minor suits of Candles, Chalices, Thuribles, and Paraments. The suit of Candles draws upon […]

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3 “Face Decks” by Deborah Koff-Chapin

05/08/2021 0

A collection of 3 decks by Deborah Koff-Chapin; most cards feature a human subject; either full-body or close-up. These decks are less Oracle or Divination decks than prompts for personal discovery. Each of the two […]

Open boxes of The Sacred Creators Oracle and Lightseers Tarot.
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New Creative Projects DDS Spreads

05/06/2021 0

Chris-Anne, creator of the LightSeers Tarot (and other decks) recently launched the Sacred Creators Oracle (SCO) deck. This new deck has 63 message cards & 4 elements cards which can “(b)ring intuition, magic, and expansive […]

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Non-Tarot Oracles

02/16/2021 0

A few of the various non-Tarot oracle decks in my Library. ‘Right Click’ or ‘View Image’ to see each picture enlarged. Decks by Patrick Valenza Left- The Oracle of Black Enchantment; Above Right- The Abandoned […]

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LXXXI Quareia: The Magician’s Deck

02/13/2021 0

LXXXI Quareia: The Magician’s Deck The latest purchase from The Gamecrafter; this 81 card deck is an outgrowth of an extensive free online magic course. The deck’s sales page at The Gamecrafter does specify the […]

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Oracle Of The Wild

02/12/2021 0

The Oracle of the Wild by Stephanie Keir. One of my goals for Guncle Tarot 2021 is to have as many non-Tarot oracle decks as I have Tarot decks. Some will be reserved for personal […]