I love doing custom spreads to suit your question(s), but perhaps one of these existing, well-known spread might work- or else help form your question. Readings may be booked via the PayPal link at the bottom of the page. Please use the relevant Custom #-# Card Spread item and add the name or GCR number from this page in your comments.

Note that not all spreads below have a diagram on this page.

All readings include a .pdf file sent via email. This will list the question, the spread (card layout), the cards drawn, and my interpretation of the reading. A photograph of the spread will be included.

 GCR418 Spiritual Path Reading (drawing 3 TSW cards) [A];
A look at the Gift, Challenge and Change that may lie ahead on your current spiritual path. Using the Tarot of Sister Who.

GCR414 Moving Tarot Reading (drawing 5 cards) [B];
A reading for someone who’s decided which city/region to move to, but looking for guidance on finding the best property.

Weather Reading (drawing 6 cards) [B];
Highlighting personal challenges & opportunities for growth using weather metaphors; from what’s fogged your vision to where your sun shines brightest.
GCR426 Tarot Deck;
GCR612 Sacred Path cards.

Harvest Reading (drawing 6 cards) [B];
A look at what seeds to plant to get where you want to be. As well as a look at who or what may help, or may challenge your harvest.
GCR427 Tarot Deck;
GCR419 the Tarot of Sister Who.

GCR621 Totem Animals Reading (drawing 7 Medicine Cards) [B];
Other creatures exhibit habits or patterns similar to ours; they are reminders that we are all aspects of The Great Mystery.

Finding Balance Reading (drawing 7 cards) [B];
The world appears binary, sort of, at times, with a gazillion exceptions. Our primal brain retains many binary impulses, balance often helps.

GCR415 Tarot Deck;
GCR813 Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle.

Reality Shifts Reading (drawing 7 cards) [B];
Bringing your outer self in alignment with your changing inner truth.
GCR429 Tarot cards;
GCR626 Sacred Path deck.

GCR424 Relationship Grand Cross Tarot Reading (drawing 9 cards) [C];
A 9 card Grand Cross reading for a 2 person relationship- and not restricted to just romantic or emotional pairings.

GCR623 Red Road/ Blue Road Grand Cross Reading (drawing 9 Sacred Path) [C];
A 9 card Grand Cross reading of Sacred Path Cards to find a gift (message) from the Ancestors who walk the Blue Road of Spirit.

GCR430 Birthday Grand Cross Tarot Reading (drawing 9 cards) [C];
A 9 card Grand Cross reading looking at the year ahead. Designed to be done on your birthday, but may also be pulled for the anniversary of some other special event.

Treasure Chest Grand Cross Reading (drawing 9 cards) [C]
A 9 card Grand Cross reading highlighting personal strengths and opportunities for growth using gemstone metaphors. This spread works well with Tarot cards or other Oracle decks:
GCR425 Tarot Deck;
GCR624 Sacred Path Deck;
GCR625 Medicine Cards;
GCR812 Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle.

GCR432 Celtic Cross Reading (drawing 10 cards) [C];
Perhaps the most recognized traditional Tarot spread. Well suited to most personal life questions; you may ask about a specific topic or request a general reading.

Astrological Houses Card Reading (drawing 12 cards) [D];
A 12 card spread based on the Houses of traditional western astrology. Offered using either a standard Tarot, or the Sacred Path deck.
GCR431 Tarot Deck;
GCR631 Sacred Path Deck;
GCR814 Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle.

Bridging the Past, Present, Future Spread (drawing 10 cards) [C];
Expanding on the traditional 3 card Past, Present, Future to include “events, beliefs, influences you might not be aware of” bridging between each time frame. Positions 3, 6 and 9 may be pulled from the Tarot, or a non-Tarot Oracle deck.
GCR436 Tarot Deck;
GCR824 Tarot and Sacred Creators;
GCR825 Tarot and Goddesses, Gods & Guardians Oracle.

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