I’ve used Tarot (and other Oracle) Cards for self-reflection and offered readings to family, friends and neighbours for almost 40 years. When I decided to take my services online I registered GryphonCardReadings as my Etsy shop name. However, I’ve been casually referring to my services as Guncle tarot readings for some time. It is a pretty good label for my approach to Card Readings, and Community Work.
What’s A Guncle?
A Guncle is a newish term to describe yourself or someone else as a gay uncle. Although I self-identify as queer, Quncle has yet to catch on. My siblings have 6 children between them, and so I’m a Guncle to them and their various partners. That also makes me a Great Guncle to a growing number of folks.

Until we live in a society that removes capitalism from the pedestal on which it is placed and introduces a guaranteed basic income, I need to sell merchandise and services to cover living expenses.

Being a Guncle to queer folx is something I do can with true enthusiasm and integrity. My desire to share my experiences (and their lessons) is the legacy I wish to leave.

How I Guncle
To be clear, I’m not really the best person to recommend the latest music, teach you vegan cooking, or render fashion advice. And I am not in a position to shower you (or me, or anyone) with fabulous merchandise, trips abroad or college tuition. Instead of focusing on a career after school, when I was 25 I watched my tribe dying around me. What we now know as hiv/aids erupted in gay communities across North America- and elsewhere. Working to build a career seemed naive; I worked retail jobs to cover the essentials while my time was spent supporting my community.

copy of first client reading
First Client Reading 12/05/80
But I am more than just a survivor of those times. And more than just a teller of tales (although I do love to talk). I identify as a Queer 3rd generation CanAmerican from ON living in OH: a blogger, designer, kinkster, photographer and poet. I’m also a tarot and oracle card reader. Whether you purchase a Queerly Focused Spread or another reading, it will be backed up by 40+ years of openly-queer living and my vows of service as a TOPI Sister.

While I am happy to prepare a one-time card reading for you ongoing connexion through emails and readings may increase the value of my experiences. Think of it as similar to a mentor/mentee connexion- or the nuclear family that existed (if perhaps more as a fantasy) in past generations. As much as I’d like to do so without regard to payment, medical conditions limit my income.

## In these litigious and outrage-addicted times I must limit my readings and correspondence to people who have achieved the ‘age of majority’ according to the laws of wherever they live. By contacting me you certify that you are of legal age, and have initiated this correspondence seeking only advice and friendship