As an introduction to my new website branding I’m offering a special handwritten reading package at a significant savings for a limited time.

Your GuncleTarot Queer 2020 Letter includes:
1. Your 2020 Birthday Card intuitive reading;

2. A second card pulled from another deck and read as a Queer Intro to 2020 message;

3. Both physical cards, plus a bonus Sister Flirt Mini Meditation Card.


The Cards:
1. Your 2020 Birthday Card is a Major Arcana card calculated numerologically. Please provide just your birth month and day (not year) when booking your reading;
2. The second card will then be pulled from a different tarot deck;
3. The Sister Flirt Mini Meditation Card will be one of the 32 cards included in the Sister Flirt Meditation Tin & Traveling Altar;
4. Your reading may include a card from a deck not shown here.

The Offer:
@ This special offer includes trackable delivery via USPS to a US address;
@ This offer is limited to 4 readings per week, for a period of 10 weeks;
@ Booking opens each Monday at 9am Eastern starting September 30th via this page. The final week will open on December 2nd;
@ The fee is US$13.00 paid via PayPal. This special is NOT available via my Etsy shop where readings start at US$39.00.

Please use the following form to reserve your Special 2020 Letter: