Queer Affirmation Special– limited to 2 offers per week at this incredible discount. This may only be ordered through my Etsy shop.

1. The You Are Queer Enough Spread – pulling 5 cards from the Deviant Moon tarot;
As someone who’s often seen as a white cisgender gay male (sometimes, even as a straight white male), my claim to ‘queerness’ is too often called into question. This spread looks at the ways in which your unique queerness is more wonderful than any gatekeeper or bully appreciates.

2. The Queer Like F.U. Spread – pulling 5 cards from the Urban Tarot deck;
Whether or not you use ‘the Q word’ we are different. How much, in what way(s), and how happily we embrace that also varies. Understanding our roles as sh!t disturbers, instigators, sacred clowns and/or artists can help ground us as we resist blind assimilation.

The regular fee is $49 per spread – get both for only US$59.00. Cards will be drawn from the decks shown here- if you’d like other decks please order each spread at regular pricing.

All readings include a .pdf file sent via email. This will list the spreads (card layout), the cards drawn, and my interpretation of the reading. A photograph of the spreads will be included.

link to ko-fi.comFrom time to time special offers may be posted on the Commissions section of Ko-Fi.com/DigitalGryphon.