Spring 2021 Special

I’m offering this Double Deck version of the Queer Like F.U. Reading. Whether you like ‘the Q word’ or prefer some other identity, we are different. How much, in what way(s), and how happily we embrace that also varies.
photograph of the layoutUnderstanding our roles as sh!t disturbers, instigators, sacred clowns and/or artists can help ground us as we resist blind assimilation.

For a limited time, save US$10 on a Double Deck (10 cards) version, using The Deviant Moon Tarot and Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, both by Patrick Valenza. This spread was designed by Evvie Marin of Interrobang Tarot.

All readings include a .pdf file sent via email. This will list the question, the spread (card layout), the cards drawn, and my interpretation of the reading. A photograph of the spread will be included. This limited-time special offer includes only the reading listed above done with the specified decks.

Queer (adj) 1. differing from the normal or usual in a way regarded as odd or strange” (Collins English Dictionary – ©2009 William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd.)

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