As a self-employed skilled professional I do not have all the overhead of a retail outlet. I don’t lease retail space, do not have employees, etc. However, I am responsible for self-employment taxes, medical insurance and my retirement fund- all without any corporate contribution.

In addition to payment processing and other Internet-related expenses for all my endeavors, overhead that specifically supports Gryphon Card Readings include college studies (sociology, philosophy, and others), non-college workshops, books, decks, and decades of practice. Practice at reading cards. Plus decades of living as an openly queer and spiritual individual, studying behaviours and patterns across a wide variety of folks and situations.

I take all that, plus whatever it is that the cards tap into, to provide you insight. I do not use an app, software package, or just flip through a book to select cards. The interpretation I deliver is more than just a cut & paste definition of each card. The spread tells a story; cards influence each other and patterns are most often more than mere coincidence.

The final pricing calculation balances the typical financial state of my customer base (Creative Arts rarely pay as well as they should) and the value clients place on my work; how helpful it is in achieving personal or creative goals. Whether you purchase a standard retail spread, or decide on a customized series of readings, I hope you see Gryphon Card Readings as helpful, and a wise investment.

Pricing as of June 30, 2019

[A] Readings that use 1-3 cards US$39
[B] Readings that use 4-7 cards US$49
[C] Readings that use 8-11 cards US$59
[D] Readings that use 12-15 cards US$69.