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Introducing GunclePost

Guncle Post: An envelope filled with goodies that all connect (at least in my quirky, queer, mind) sent via USPS 1st Class.

For 2022, Guncle Post will be dispatched quarterly. Plans for Guncle Post 2023 are being finalized.

What To Expect for 2022:

The Spring 2022 mailing was limited to 45. Each subscription included a Tarot and non-Tarot Oracle card from interesting decks, and a mini-reading of the pairing. Each full price subscription included a genuine Digital Gryphon piece of art. I’ve posted this vid on youTube introducing GunclePost as well as revealing the 2 decks for the first package.

Each Summer 2022 mailing includes 1 card from the Radiant Souls Oracle Deck. That deck has 36 cards, and so each envelope will include TWO cards from The Sweeney Tarot rather than 1 tarot card and an original Digital Gryphon piece. A custom 3 card reading for only US$12!!

The Autumn’22 mailings include 1 card from the Marcel Oracle Deck and TWO cards from The Medieval Scapini Tarot with a custom 3 card reading. Check out this youTube vid for the Summer and Fall decks.
2022 Pricing:
The standard price for Guncle Post’22 is US$12 per mailing; sent via USPS (non-trackable). Pay just US$6.00 for the Spring 2022 package and add the balance of the year at the Regular Package Price.

  • @ Offer may expire any time;
  • @ Quantities are limited;
  • @ Spring Packages at this super discount rate will not include the Digital Gryphon piece of art included in regular priced mailings;
  • @ If you avoid PayPal, please contact me on social media for my Zelle information.


GunclePost 2023: What To Expect

2023 calendar with 6 dates circledEach GP’23 mailing will include one non-Tarot Oracle card and two Tarot cards, along with a reading of the cards. Next year GP will be send out bimonthly; that is 6 times a year. The amount of time (and energy) it takes for me to prepare each hand-written reading is about the same as a totally custom card reading.

Subscriptions will be limited to 36, although some may have up to 3 more available if the non-Tarot Oracle has more cards.

A discount for pre-orders for 2023 will be posted here this fall.