a portion of an actual reading, and cards,

Announcing GunclePost 2023 Subscriptions

Guncle Post: An envelope filled with goodies that all connect (at least in my quirky, queer, mind) sent via USPS 1st Class every 2 months.

Each GP’23 mailing will include one non-Tarot Oracle card and two Tarot cards, along with a hand-written reading of the cards.

Subscriptions will be limited to 36, although an individual mailing may have up to 3 more available if the non-Tarot Oracle deck has additional cards.

The Autumn’22 mailings (as shown here) included 1 card from the Marcel Oracle Deck and 2 cards from The Medieval Scapini Tarot with a custom 3 card reading.

Check out this youTube vid for the 2022 Summer and Fall decks.
Videos of upcoming decks will be posted on my youTube channel before each mailing goes out.

2 boxes of cards and a form letter2023 Pricing:
The standard price for Guncle Post’23 is US$12 per mailing;
(this is unchanged from 2022 despite higher costs)
# Subscribe for the next 3 mailings (Mar, May, July) and save $1 each (US$33);
# Subscribe for the balance of 2023 (5 mailings) and save an additional $1 each (US$50).

Subscribe for all six 2023 GunclePost mailings, as well as receiving a single card (also via snailmail) on alternate months.SOLD OUT

Early Order Special:
Expired 11/30/22

6 tuck boxes with various oracle decksThis picture shows the Tarot and Oracle decks for the first half of GP’23.

  • @ Quantities are limited;
  • @ Cards are pulled, and Readings done, before being randomly(?) assigned to a subscriber;
  • @ All subscriptions are sent via USPS 1st Class Mail (no tracking);
  • @ There is no additional fee for International addresses- delivery times may be significantly longer;
  • @ If you avoid PayPal, please contact me on social media for my Zelle information;
  • @ The GP’23 PLUS additional mailings may contain a Tarot or non-Tarot oracle card.