My specialty is providing readings for other creative folks- artist, writer, crafter, musician, performer, or however you channel your muse. I usually have multiple WIP and a handful of notes of potential projects. I’ve come to understand (thanks sales career) that having multiple prospects “in the hopper” is not necessarily a bad thing. Just keep them in balance with current projects- not letting them distract you. And be thankful they are there when the dreaded ‘creative block’ strikes.

Readings may be booked via the PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

All readings include a .pdf file sent via email. This will list the question, the spread (card layout), the cards drawn, and my interpretation of the reading. A photograph of the spread will be included.

Creative Inspiration Spread (drawing 3 cards)
Stuck on what to do next? Whether you have no ideas, or too many of them, this reading will help you move forward with your next project. This 3 card spread is based on the work of Jessa Crispin.

This spread works well with Tarot cards or other Oracle decks:
GCR411 Tarot Deck;
GCR613 Sacred Path Deck;
GCR811 Goddess Guidance Deck.

picture of sample readingGCR611 Butterfly Spread (drawing 4 cards)
This reading looks at a project through the stages of egg, larva, cocoon and butterfly. A 4 card spread based on the work of Jamie Sams.& David Carson, Readings will be done with the Medicine Cards deck.

GCR423 Grand Cross: New Project (drawing 9 cards)
A 9 card Grand Cross reading outlining the foundation of a new project, as well as the support and challenges, personal meaning and likely final outcome.

picture of sample readingGCR622 Vision Maker Spread (drawing 7 cards)
Just as a goal is a dream with a plan, a Vision needs work to become manifest in this world. A 7 card spread based on the work of Jamie Sams, using the Sacred Path Deck.

GCR421 Creative Blocks Spread (drawing 7 cards)
Is your work in progress lacking progress? This spread is about how to move forward, or if. Designed to address a specific project, rather than a general sense of frustration. This 7 card spread is based on the work of Jessa Crispin.

picture of sample readingGCR428 Wrecking Ball Spread (drawing 6 cards)
The Wrecking Ball spread looks at what is blocking you, what it may take to get it out of the way, and what to expect in the process. The spread is based on the work of Ethony.

picture of sample readingGCR435 Project Midpoint Reading (drawing 8 cards)
As work progresses, either you or the project may change- all the more so if it goes on for some time. This 8 card spread looks at what might be changing- so you can adapt or re-orient, as you desire. The spread is based on the work of Jessa Crispin.

GCR422 Creative Go Public Spread (drawing 6 cards)
Now that your project is nearing completion it’s time to consider how (or if) it will meet its public. Some projects really are just for ourselves; others may suit a small or large audience. This 6 card spread is based on the work of Jessa Crispin.

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