Skyclad Tarot

I bought 3 decks from The Gamecrafter in November. I promised to do reviews after we’d settled in from the sudden move. This is 1 of the decks which I really, really like.

photograph of selected cardThe headline on their shop page is “Inclusive, nude, lightpainting tarot.” On most cards the lighting effect minimizes visibility of ‘naughty bits’ so here’s some carefully selected cards showing the Light Painting technique, the variety of Lovers cards (4 versions) included, and the diversity of body types used. There are 4 reference cards with brief card meanings included.

These are the Jumbo (3.5×5.5) cards; the deck is also available Poker card size. The Gamecrafter produces games and decks to order. They’re expanding their Packaging options but many decks are offered only in tuck boxes. Look past that and you’ll find some great decks.

As this is a new item in my library, it’s not ready to be used for client readings quite yet. Links in this post are not Affiliate links. I don’t earn a commission.