A Favourite Spread

diagram of 9 card layoutIn answer to a question on Instagram, I replied that the 9 card Grand Cross Spread is one of my favourites; easily adaptable to a wide variety of questions. Nine cards seems to be a great number- lots of information without overload. There are Grand Cross versions where the horizontal line intersects the vertical line right below the #9- for a more ‘traditional christian looking’ cross. I’ve used that form at times, but this more symmetrical style is great for pairing cards.

The following variations are standard spreads in the Catalogue section. As noted, some are based on published works- although not always as a Grand Cross, or even a 9 card, spread.

  • New Project Grand Cross Spread
  • 1. Foundation;
  • 2. Foundation;
  • 3. What you need to know;
  • 4. Who/what supports the project;
  • 5. Who/what supports the project;
  • 6. Who/what challenges the project;
  • 7. Who/what challenges the project;
  • 8. Personal meaning, lesson learned;
  • 9. Project outcome.
  • Birthday Grand Cross Spread
    Inspired by ‘Power Tarot’ by MacGregor & Vega.
  • 1. Where you are this year;
  • 2. Where you want to be;
  • 3. What stands in opposition to that desire;
  • 4. What empowers you;
  • 5. What you need to learn or create;
  • 6. Your current physical state;
  • 7. Your spiritual/ emotional state;
  • 8. A source of support;
  • 9. The likely outcome.
  • Relationship Grand Cross Spread
    *Not restricted to a romantic, or necessarily a personal, relationship.
    * Inspired by “Power Tarot” MacGregor & Vega.
  • 1. How you see the other person;
  • 2. How they see you;
  • 3. The current relationship;
  • 4. What they want/expect;
  • 5. What you want/expect;
  • 6. What you need from the relationship;
  • 7. What they need from the relationship;
  • 8. Important consideration;
  • 9. Likely outcome.
  • Treasure Chest Grand Cross Spread
    * Inspired by “Power Tarot” MacGregor & Vega.
  • 1. DIAMONDS: Where you shine. Major talents, abilities and assets.
  • 2. PEARLS: What you know. Knowledge and information.
  • 3. PLATINUM CHAINS: What’s holding you back. Things or people you need to release.
  • 4. EMERALDS: Who you know. Current relationships.
  • 5. GOLD COINS: What you have. Material/ financial resources available to you.
  • 6. QUARTZ CRYSTALS: What you are learning. Knowledge & information to gain, retain.
  • 7. SAPPHIRES: Where you could shine. Emerging talents and abilities.
  • 8. RUBIES: Who you may soon know. New people/relationships entering your life.
  • 9. UNPOLISHED GEMSTONES: Your hidden lights. Assents and talents you could develop.

example of a Red Road/Blue Road spread

  • Red Road/ Blue Road Grand Cross Spread
    * Based on work of Jamie Sams; I use their Sacred Path deck.
  • 1. Present time, current lesson;
  • 2. Next lesson about to arrive;
  • 3. Where the roads cross;
  • 4. Current challenge;
  • 5. Inner wisdom you need to acknowledge;
  • 6. Spiritual illumination offered by the Ancestors;
  • 7. Old pattern/limitation you should release;
  • 8. Gift of medicine the Ancestors offer;
  • 9. Clue to an Ancestor’s gift, and how to manifest it.

Important Notes:
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