3 “Face Decks” by Deborah Koff-Chapin

partial selection of cards from the decksA collection of 3 decks by Deborah Koff-Chapin; most cards feature a human subject; either full-body or close-up. These decks are less Oracle or Divination decks than prompts for personal discovery. Each of the two Soul Cards decks include 60 unique cards, while the Portals of Presence set is 70 cards. Click on the image on this page to see a larger complete image.

The Soul Cards decks, as described on the US Games website; “There are no established meanings to the cards; each can reflect a different interpretation depending on the person who chooses and the context in which it is viewed. The booklet offers suggestions for preparing, selecting, reading, and combining the cards, as well as using them for reflection, divination, contemplation, visualization, and dream interpretations.

The new Portals of Presence contains images “selected from 20 years of work created in the presence of ancient trees, mountains, and sacred places. Each face radiates a unique presence. Gaze deeply and explore your relationship with these beings. Think of them as allies, nature spirits, beloveds, or visitors from subtle realms. Rather than offering set meanings, the guidebook suggests ways to cultivate your own experiences with the cards.

At this point the decks are being used for personal reflection; I am contemplating the best way to bring them into Guncle Tarot or Sister Flirt.ca.

You can find out more information on the decks at the US Games website:
Portals of Presence;
Soul Cards 2;
Soul Cards Deck;
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