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The Tarot of Sister Who

The Tarot Of Sister Who: “for personal reflection and contemplative meditation”
Sister Who describes their deck:
“The deck uses the four minor suits of Candles, Chalices, Thuribles, and Paraments. The suit of Candles draws upon symbolisms of fire, of spirit, of wands, and of summer. The Chalices draw upon symbolisms of water, of emotion, of cups, and of autumn. The suit of Thuribles draws upon symbolisms of air, of intellect, of swords, and of spring. The Paraments draw upon the symbolism of earth, of physical forms, of pentacles, and of winter.

“Each suit contains cards numbered one through ten, followed by four more cards: confessor, celebrant, angel, and saint. The Confessor is that voice that listens and cares without making demands while the Celebrant is that voice that leads actions of deep experience. The Angel is that voice which directs protecting love and the Saint is that voice which lives in harmony with spiritual beings.

“The Major suit within this deck is composed of twenty-two archetypes of life’s states or progressions. One can respond to their specific yet endlessly fluctuating meanings in a wide variety of ways. Approaching with love and openness instead of fear and dogmatism brings an infinite spectrum of positive possibilities within reach.”

image of 2 cards and a sheet of paper folded and partially inserted into an envelopeThis deck has been designed for personal spiritual growth rather than divination or prognostication. That being said, there are more than enough parallels to other Tarot decks that it may be used that way.

To introduce you to the unique aspects of the Tarot of Sister Who I’m offering a very special reading (with physical cards) sent via postal mail.

Each mailing will include one card from the deck’s Major Suit, and one of the CCR Court Card Replacements; the confessor, celebrant, angel, and saint mentioned in Sister Who’s description above. These cards will be pulled from the TSW Majors+ deck of 38 cards (2.75″x4.75″).

US$7.49 for delivery via First Class mail to US addresses only.

Orders placed up to 9pm (East, 6 pm Pacific) each Friday will be completed and given to the Post Office by Monday afternoon.

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This offer features cards pulled from the TSW Majors+ deck of 38 standard (2.75″x4.75″) cards- the 22 card Majors Suit and 16 CCR Court Card Replacements. That deck is available to purchase at

The complete Tarot Of Sister Who deck of 78 Jumbo cards is available from:
# in the USA as 3.5″x5.5″ cards;
# in Hong Kong as 3.5″x5.0″ cards.

The Digital Gryphon LLC is not the Publisher of the Tarot Of Sister Who. I provide marketing support for the Ministry of Sister Who and receive nominal compensation for those efforts.