Tarot of KiRC

The second deck bought from The Gamecrafter in November; the Tarot of KiRC (Kilted Rubber Chicken) by Beth Seilonen. I bought this for client readings as well as my own amusement; the light-hearted art may appeal to folks nervous about Tarot. And the artwork is delightful.

Sadly it’s not really usable with clients as too many cards have pink/ peach lines along one or another side. See the 2nd image. Similar images were sent to The Gamecrafter in Nov, and shared with the artist. The issue is with the production files submitted.

The disappointment is greater as this is only 1 of a large number of decks Beth has designed and listed on their own website- certainly someone who should understand ‘bleed’ and ‘safe zone’ and how shifts occur in cutting.

If you can overlook the random pink edges and enjoy the artwork, the deck is printed on The Gamecrafter’s delightful cardstock- with the upgraded ‘linen textures and UV coating.

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