Art of Awareness Oracle

The 3rd of three decks purchased from The Gamecrafter in November.

The Art of Awareness Oracle is available as a deluxe Jumbo 3.5″×5.5″ deck (shown here) or standard 2.75″×4.75″ tarot size cards. The artwork is by Jeff Malderez and book by Jody Morrison.

There are 45 cards, as 5 suits of 9 cards each. Designed as prompts for “those consciously working with their spiritual development” cards appear with questions in the accompanying 40 page LWB. As shown here, the book is also available as an 8.5″×11″ .pdf download for we who prefer larger type.

As this is a new item in my library, it’s not ready to be used for client readings quite yet. Links in this post are not Affiliate links. I don’t earn a commission.