Oracle Of The Wild

a selection of cardsThe Oracle of the Wild by Stephanie Keir.

One of my goals for Guncle Tarot 2021 is to have as many non-Tarot oracle decks as I have Tarot decks. Some will be reserved for personal work, but I hope to have a wide variety available for Spiritual Life Coach clients.

Guncle Tarot is a service of; my digital, queer, non-theist, spiritual humanist ministry of Joy, Kindness and Love.

I love this deck’s artwork- the restrained palette matching the simple (as in, no extraneous details) drawings. I purchased this deck on tarot size (2.75″×4.75″) cards with a 36 page booklet in a tuck box. Although TGC is expanding their offering of hard boxes, they don’t have anything more suitable (yet) for this size. I now take any deck that arrives in a tuck box and find a stronger alternative.

The artist also offers the deck as the smaller size Mint Tin deck- which comes with a .pdf download in lieu of a printed book. the Mint Tin card size is just a bit too small for me (I like decks on TGC’s Jumbo 3.5″×5.5″ cards) although others may find it more comfortable to use.

As I said above, I love the artwork. My only frustration with the deck is that the cards aren’t numbered, and the booklet descriptions are not in alphabetical order. With 30 cards that’s less of a struggle than a larger deck.

As this is a new item in my library, it’s not ready to be used with clients quite yet. Links in this post are not Affiliate links. I don’t earn a commission.